Why Honeybees? Why Ravens? They’re kind of like my night and day. My wit and charm. My bread and butter. We all have them – the little contradictions that make us what we are and challenge us when we seek to become what we want to be. It’s what makes too flesh and blood characters in our grand sagas where every chapter is a year and most of the pages include sitting in front of Netflix after work— until we edit that part out anyway.

What I Offer

My advice. I don’t claim to be a professional, but I’ve dedicated a lot of time and effort into studying story craft, style, marketing, and so on. As much as I love dragons and wish I were one, it’s not healthy to spend one’s life wrapped around your cache with the protective furry of a mother. Remember kinder garden. Sharing is caring.

My goal is simply to share what I’ve learned along my journey and to tell a few good stories along the way.

Where I come from43467572 - painted silhouette peter pan on white brick wall

Neverland – I’d like to say. I’ve never agreed with the concept of growing up. The words taste like a hard life of bitter disappointments, cigarettes, and exhaust fumes from one endless traffic jam. Or maybe I’m projecting.

Spend enough time with me, and it becomes no secret that Peter Pan (the book) is one of my greatest inspirations. It’s not only the fun and adventure that makes up the sweetly smiling face but the shadows that creep between the lines – the darker face of innocence where innocence has no understanding of right from wrong. Peter says never grow up, but Wendy pleas, we must. I say growing up is a great big game of pretend where we make the rules and bend them where we must.

The truth is, I work at a teahouse where my days are filled by brewing tea, writing about tea, teaching about tea, and, of course, drinking tea. I can’t complain because it’s lovely

In Conclusion

There’s still a lot of life out there to live and I don’t think it’s worth exploring without an audience to share it with. Even if that audience happens to be a small collection of semi-dedicated strangers and wayward wanderers.

I want to learn who you are, and, like any desperate artist, I want to share a little of the crazy, colorful, contradicting world inside of me. Bare with me while I figure all this out.

Do you have a blog? Share it in the comments. Any advice? Share that too.




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